Romance, Dominance, Harem
Corruption, Femdom, NTR



Things seem to go just as planned. Until one day, things go as wrong as they can.
Your job? Gone.
Your house? Disputed.
Your Ex-Wife? Back in your house.
Your savings? Empty.

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Intelligence, Constitution, Strength, Luck are among the several stats you can train in the game.

Intelligence will help you by giving hints where one choice leads in the story.

Strength you need for manual labor jobs and to make sure no one can rob you!

Constitution is essentially if you plan many activities a day.

What kind of character will you create?


We have a full working time clock. 4 different settings for render & locations.

A job system, event system and more.

Some elements are currently in development, will add the rest later.


We have never spent this much time per character, than we did in terror.

Even now we are looking for ways to further improve them. But even without, they all have been crafted with as much love as can be.


Lightning was one of the main issues we fixed after Karma.

We improved overall quality, textures, models etc.

To truly have renders that are top tier.



MC. A family man, who has the unfortunate fate to not be able to make kids.

His parents died about a decade ago, afterwards the only family he had, was Ava, his adopted daughter and Evelyn, his then wife. Evelyn eventually left him and took everything she could.

As a banker that can live in the family mansion, he is rather well off.

If only there was no alimony..


She is in her thirties. Had two kids, when she was still quite young.

When she met Michael at her working place, it just clicked.

She is smart, gorgeous, the only downside for Michael is that she doesn’t seem to think sex is important.

But she makes up with her unwavering support for him.


Ava was adopted quite a while ago.

When her adoptive parents split, she decided to stick with Michael.
She has a hard time forgiving Evelyn, for leaving him and her. The family she finally got, after many years in the orphanage.

There is no one she loves more than Michael.


Melissa’s daughter and living in the mansion.

She is an introvert, smart to the point where it’s a bit scary. Always had the top grades in school, reads a lot and has a bit of anxiety issues.

But she has opened a lot since Michael first met her.


Compared to her sister Amelia, not shy at all.

She likes to challenge people, to beat them.

She has been doing Karate for quite a while now, but is not as smart as Amelia or Ava. That is why, though there is an age gap, they study in the same university.

She has a bit of a difficult relationship with her mother, but seems to like Michael.


She basically was brought up by Michael and her Brother Shray.

Probably the reason why she has some guy quirks, like skateboarding, IT and feels comfortable drinking with other guys.

She used to call Michael “Uncle”, because Shray and Michael told her the were brothers when she was small.

It took quite a while until she understood that it isn’t possible, out of ethnic reasons. That doesn’t mean she is not sharp, quite the opposite.


Michael has a hard time recognizing the Evelyn he knew with the Bitch that he sees today.
She seems obsessed with breaking him. First she humiliated him by marrying a much older guy and then she finds a way to cause further trouble for him.
What is her goal anyway?


Shray is love, Shray is life.


There are plenty of other important characters, we can’t list them all. 
I guess you just have to play the game to meet them.


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