Our first game!
While not the biggest, it has it’s own charm.
Inspired by Visual Novels in the 90s, you need several play through’s to unlock and see everything.
Karma, because by altering your past, you are able to change your future. One play through at the time.
About 700 Renders, over 15 Animations and a free version, that isn’t reduced by too much.
6 Endings, 5 sexual, from good to bad!



James story started around 15 years ago, when he was still a teenager.

Still a bit green, he thought a good heart alone should suffice. Dreams that got cruelly corrected.

He since has pushed himself hard and went down the path of success.

But when faced with the past, new challenges, moral dilemmas it’s your turn to show if you’ve learned anything and can make decisions that are sometimes hard.

Are you willing to fight for good, even if it means doing bad things?

Warning: Not all endings are good. You get what you deserve.


When we had everything rendered, we felt like there was something missing.

So we took our time and went back, learned animation in Blender.

And did a lot of animating. There quality is increasing over time, as we were learning and ranges from good to fucking amazing!

An example to look at.


The more path’s you have, the more work you need to do.

But if can do three mediocre games, or one great one, isn’t it worth the sacrifice?
Gaming means things are up to you, that you have some influence and can chose your own path.

And no matter the cost, that is something we want to make possible.

We wanted to give you the ending, that you earned.

And yes, it can turn dark. But then you know you deserve it.

Ranges from NTR, to Romance, to a power fantasy.

It’s up to you.


James Anderson

The main Character.

He got wronged a long time ago. Much of who he is today, can be traced to those events.
A successful therapist.

Eventually he moved on. Until one day Clara walks into his clinic.

Clara who is on the path to marry one responsible for his past pain.


Clara is from the countryside.

Rather timid, shy and loves her fiancee quite much.

The reason she meets James, is because she wants to make it work.

But when she started earning more than her fiancee, in a nice office, things got more and more difficult.

Can James help? Will James help?


Mark is a bouncer who has crossed James before.

If only he could remember, things would be easier for him.

But it’s not that he isn’t tough enough to at least try to handle anything that comes at him.

A brute, it might be best if he never understands what is happening.


James Secretary.

She has been with him for a long time.

Powerlifter, she likes James and could be looked at as James right hand woman.

She even knows and occasionally helps him with stuff, that might be a bit unethical in some eyes.



She is one of James patients.

She needs to submit to normally function in society. So she and James have an agreement, that for now he helps her curb her urge.

In return he gets a nice, submissive and beautiful woman.

She won the discord character poll.


Tom is a patient who is everything but stable.

A good heart, but in unrest. Known for stalking, trying to protect women that he things are in danger.

Are you willing to use him for your purpose?